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Elections in Germany are coming up and as always the election posters are creeping me out! I would like to share with you some of the sins our parties commit to win over the uneducated populous.

The FDP Have a Blank poster saying “For our Germany”. Aha. So left wing parties poach right wing voters. Nice job prostituting themselves.

After the CDU had that terrible picture in the last election which basically looked like a (male) pedophile caught in the act they chose a woman to gaze creepily at a child this year. It was so bad that I did not even read the slogan.

What about the SPD though? I have to admit – they are good at campaigning and I would totally fall for it – if I was suffering from amnesia. Their sins are not in the campaign but in their actions last time they were in power – which is way worse if you ask me.
-Firstly, they legalized prostitution which has turned Germany into the sleazy creep of Europe and also into an international trading place for human trafficking.
-Secondly, after admitting that public pension insurance is failing, Schröder pushed the “Riester Rente”, which is basically a money scheme of which only he and his old buddy Mr. Riester profit.
-thirdly (probably while vacationing with Riester on other people’s pension money) he had the Idea to screw our social system and replace it with something that I like to call antisocial bully shit but is more commonly known as Hartz IV (you guessed right – invented by Schröder’s buddy Mr. Hartz who was involved in a variety of financial and ethical scandals). This system basically means that single moms without daycare get letters threating, they might be dependent on food stamps soon (literally!) and demanding money “back” that has never been paid (also litarally).
However, the German social system is based on the realization that peace within a society is based on everybody having enough as well as the desire to feel secure in the knowledge that you will be taken care of should misfortune befall you. This was quite the faux pas considering that the SPD (Social Democratic Party) had been voted for specifically for a more social politic!

And I would not even mention that Schröder initiated stopping the European weapon embargo on china (yeah…) and was best buddy to Putin if it was not for the latest developments…

Also I really do not want to start on what he did to our national dept!

Angela Merkel makes more social politic than the social Party, more green Politic than the environmental party ever dared to (see nuclear exit), our economy is now thanks to her amongst the top 5 worldwide and besides this nobody trusts the liberals anyways considering that they have never held real power.

The most serious criticism about Angie (after the press finally got over the fact that a power-hungry woman who does not want to please male fantasy exists) has always been that she sits out whatever life throws at her. Now while that is not entirely precise seeing that she does act politically, there is some truth to this statement. She does not overreact and is very patient.

If we look into human history, times of fast change have almost always been those with the most suffering and human tragedy, while stability and slow changes allow for peace and prosperity. I therefore appreciate her strategy of allowing some things to sort themselves out and consider the benefits of a peaceful politic to outweigh my occasional impatience by far.

Have a wonderful week:-)

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Lazy Me


I have not written anything the past months. The reason is not that there was nothing to write about, in fact there was too much. Between the election of trump, upcoming elections in Germany and France and some scandals of celebrities I like there were plenty of little things in my life I had something to say about.

Instead of writing I spent the time watching stuff online – consuming instead of producing. I felt diseased, addicted even. The inability to stop consuming while time passes is probably the most crippling in my life. It is like fast forwarding your life – no meaningful thing happens and even the content of whatever watched is forgotten fast, especially after binge watching whole series of this or that awesome show. It really has no perks at all – not even relaxation.

While watching tv does help me to relax my brain when I am unable to have anymore social interaction I usually neglect my body’s needs. Sitting crouched, eating crap, not hydrating properly and breathing shallowly I usually feel afterwards like I need a holiday from my “relaxation”. I wonder how people relaxed before the moving pictures. In “little women” one of them always reads to the others, however, as a mother I know that reading to someone is definitely not relaxing and I would need a whole lot of getting read to in order to relax from the reading to others!

When I told a friend about this she was so dismissive of it though. “No, this is not an addiction. Everybody talks about addictions these days; it is so over the top.” But when I described how I sit there fully knowing that I should turn it off, that I will regret not turning it off, that I will feel terrible for nor not getting stuff done again because of this and still my hands just will not perform the task, she was like “Oh, wow – that DOES sound like an addiction!”.

I tried napping. Napping is a beautiful thing to rest the body, but my mind just never shuts up. Insomnia has been a major problem during my life since childhood. I have always had a really hard time falling asleep, but during my teens I also could not stay asleep which in a way is even worse. Sometimes I would wake up every 15 minutes!

This went away when I started staying awake excessively and spent my days in a state of extreme exhaustion. Maybe this has messed with my ability to fall asleep even more because now I can’t fall asleep without exhaustion at all anymore. So whenever I try to be a responsible adult and go to bed at a reasonable time at night to be rested for work the next day I just lay awake for hours with what feels like a think-cramp. If those internal monologues were somehow transferred to writing I could have published many books by now. Sadly, most of those times I am too tired to write.

So basically what I am trying to say here is that I am sorry for neglecting everybody’s entertainment and that the reason for this is that I am also fighting some personal demons.

Have a wonderful week 🙂

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